Can You Identify?

Ref: 0198 - Remembering Malty on FB guesses "Allotments Blackburn Meadows" and Hilda Quinn also on FB states "Top of Kimberworth looking down onto steelworks where Meadowhall is now". Can anybody confirm? Do any of the building still exist? Ref: 0035

Ref: 1730 Ref: 0110 - ducker roy has emailed stating "I think is may be the pond they had at Midland Iron & Steel Works where the bus depot is now." Can anybody confirm?

Ref: 1722 - Dr Paddy Oates and David Birks both emailed correctly confirming this as Alma Road looking towards Steel Peech and Tozers site at Ickles. The Alma Rd workhouse is on the left. Ref: 0743 - Believed to be Lockwood (Eastwood) Farm. Please get in touch if you can confirm and / or can pinpoint the location. David Birks emailed stating "Lockwoods Farm was on Erskine road opposite the old fire station, the site is now a play area. The edge of the building to the left was part of the ambulance station and is now a community centre"

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Ref: 1880 - Robert Thomson on Facebook states "It's a long shot, but the buildings on the right look a bit like the Rockingham Arms in Wentworth." A few other peeps on Facebook have mentioned the Rising Deer at Brampton. Does anybody have any evidence to back this up? Ref: 1082 - Identified by Glyn Cutts on Facebook who states "This is Eastwood View Methodist Church, it was at the junction of Doncaster Road and School Street. Demolished in 1970 for Oakhill flats. found it in book; Eastwood, St Ann's and Old Rotherham by Ian and Peter Hawkridge, Clifton local history group.

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