Lost Location - St Anns Roundabout

The scenes in the following images have been destroyed to such a degree that a modern image from the same location would show nothing to match the original image. All these images were in the area that is now on and around St Anns Roundabout.

Old Rotherham team member, Scott identified the location using an aerial shot of the area to locate roads that no longer exist (see maps below).

Lost Locations Rotherham Lost Locations Rotherham
© Rotherham Family History Society (Ref: 0071) (See Maps: X ) © Rotherham Family History Society (Ref: 0116) (See Maps: X )
The Photographer is stood on Fitzwilliam Road. The Crossroads is now the junction onto St Anns Roundabout. The junction on the left is St Anns Road heading towards Clifton Park, the junction on the right is also St Anns Road heading to what is now Parkgate Retail World. The Wall with the metal fence on top coming into the picture at the bottom right still exists around the "Eastwood Methodist Church" although some has been rebuilt to follow the line of the roundabout. We have now moved forward so the photograph has been taken right on the crossroads seen in Ref: 0071. The road to the photographers immediate left is St Anns Road leading to Clifton Park. The road going straight on would follow the line of the pedestrianised area between the old Library and Rent Office (Walker Place) and finishing at the roundabout that was at Effingham Square. The roads to the left of the white pub and right after the wall can be seen better in the next image (Ref: 0083).
Lost Locations Rotherham Lost Locations Rotherham
© Rotherham Family History Society (Ref: 0083) (See Maps: X ) © Rotherham Family History Society (Ref: 0074) (See Maps: X )
We have now moved forward again, standing in front of the Policeman in Ref: 0116. The road to the left is Nottingham Street. The one to the right is Kenneth Street. At this time Kenneth Street ran from this junction all the way to Effingham Street. It now only runs for a short distance between Effingham street and the flyover at Centenary Way. A similar image to Ref: 0083, this time during the demolition. Somewhere along this road it's name changed to Frederick Street, following a course that is now between the rent office and the library (now renamed Walker Place), across the roundabout at Effingham Square then continues to join with the pedestrianised section of Frederick Street in front of the bus station. Please contact us if you know where the name change occured. Update: The pubs address has been identified as 133 Frederick Street so the likely changeover is the St Anns Road crossroads, can anybody confirm this.
Lost Locations Rotherham  
© Rotherham Family History Society (Ref: 0134) (See Maps: X )  
We have now turned left onto Nottingham Street, then spun 180°. The image looking over Fitzwilliam Road / Frederick Street to the corner of Kenneth Street.  

Lost Locations Rotherham
© Google 2012

Thanks go to Scott who spent the time to locate the missing roads seen in the aerial shot below and place them onto the modern Google map (marked in green). The X's are the locations the photographer stood to take the images.

Yellow = Ref: 0071
Red = Ref: 0116
Blue = Ref: 0083 and Ref: 0074
Black = Ref: 0134

The Blue triangle is the location of the pub that can be seen in images Ref: 0116, Ref: 0083 and Ref: 0074.

Update: Scott has continued his research and found that the pub marked in blue was The "Reindeer Inn", opened in 1866 and closed in 1967. A couple of roads shown on the map but not in the images above have also been identified. The road running parallel between Nottingham St and Carlisle St was Eastwood Lane. The road running from Effingham St to Spring St was Tusmore St upto the junction with Eastwood Lane, where it became Spring St.

Lost Locations Rotherham
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On the Aerial photograph we have used the same colour scheme for the photographers locations as on the Google map above.