Lost Location - M1 Junction 34

The scenes in the following images have been destroyed to such a degree that a modern image from the same location would show nothing to match the original image.
Lost Location M1 Junction 34 Rotherham

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Lost Location M1 Junction 34 Rotherham

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Identified by Alan Charlesworth who states...
"I have just looked on your Old Rotherham Page and would like to identify Ref No 0015 as the junction of Meadowhall Road, and Blackburn Road. As you look at the photograph the road leading to the island is Meadowhall Road which continues to the right and up the hill which leads to both Richmond Park and Kimberworth and still exists today. The road to the left is Blackburn Road leading down to Blackburn also still exists today in places in a different guise as the M1 Slip Road goes over it completely transforming the area. The large Building in front of the island was a Public House which I think was The Talbot but am not too sure of the name."

The image will have been taken somewhere around the Red X, looking towards the island. Nothing in the old image survived when the M1 and the viaduct was built.

Lost Location M1 Junction 34 Rotherham
We have also found evidence to backup Alans information at The Lost Pubs Project which includes information about George Davy, an ex minor that became the 1st landlord of the Talbot Hotel.
The Talbot Hotel appeared in the Advertiser again in the 100 years ago section on Friday 12th October 2012.

Meadowhall Road
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