About "Old Rotherham"

Old Rotherham is a collection of images that shows Rotherham of the past with its modern counterpart. We would like to expand this to include anything else that relates to Rotherham such as Stories, Memories etc.


Q: What is classed as "Old"?
A: We would class anything thats changed as "Old". The majority of the current content shows the "Old" photos being 30 + years but we will be showing newer changes, for example see the "Hovis" page. This shows an image from just before it's demolition and during demolition.

Q: How can you help?
A: The simple answer is "Content". If you can supply any of the following, please get in touch...

Q: How can you contact us?
A: You can email us at contact@old-rotherham.co.uk , tweet @OldRotherham or on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OldRotherham