Conisbrough Rotherham

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Conisbrough Rotherham

© Old Rotherham 2012 - "Miss T"

This image was identified by "Miss T" who also supplied us with the 2012 image. We were skeptical at first but Miss T convinced us stating the shape of the roof on the building just in front of the trolleybus in the old image, the shape of the building down the road on the right and Conisbrough Castle can just be made out on the old image.

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Although tecnically located in Doncaster, Conisbrough is located between Doncaster and Rotherham. It even uses the 01709 Rotherham telephone code.
Conisbrough Castle: The present 13th-century and later stone castle of Conisbrough probably stands on a site first fortified with earthworks by King William's trusted supporter William of Warenne, soon after the Norman Conquest. Warenne's great-grandaughter married Hamelin Plantagenet-an illegitimate son of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, and thus half-brother of King Henry II-who built the existing castle at some time between 1163 and 1202, probably during the 1180s.

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